Since 2019, at the centennial Praça Marquês do Pombal and located in the geographic center of the city of Porto, Queijaria da Praça appears with the intention of making a difference and appreciation for artisanal cheese making.

The project was born at the beginning of the year 2019, by the hand of the promoter and responsible for this space, which after months of study and with the support of countless entities and partners, to which we leave strong thanks, made this challenge real.

Our mission

To provide you with a space where you can find cheeses made exclusively by the artisan method, for purchase and tasting, which aims to ensure your clarification and full satisfaction, transforming your visit into a unique and recurring experience.

Our values

Commitment to provide you with an excellent service, from informing the specifics, details, form of manufacture and origin of each cheese, carefully observing all technical and sanitary aspects of conservation of each of our products, ensuring the best and most careful presentation of each of the elaborated boards and finally, but not least, respect for you.

Visit us on:
Praça Marquês do Pombal, 102
4000-390 Porto

41º9’40.144″N  |  8º36’14.573″W
41.161151293      | -8.604047703