Online Purchasing Policy

Service provider identification

CHEESE LOVERS, UNIPESSOAL LDA, the sole owner of the registered trademark Queijaria da Praça, hereinafter responsible, is responsible for the processing of the User's personal data and informs that these data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, for which the following information on processing is provided:

Purpose of data processing:

Maintenance of a commercial relationship with the user.

The operations planned to carry out the treatment are:

Sending commercial communications of a commercial nature by email, fax, SMS, MMS, social networks or any other electronic or physical means, present or future, that allows commercial communications. These communications will be made by the person in charge and related to their products and services, or to their employees or suppliers with whom they have reached a promotion agreement. In that case, third parties will never have access to personal data.

Perform statistical studies.

Process orders, requests or any type of request made by the user through any of the contact forms made available to him.

Sending the Site's Newsletter.

Data conservation criteria:

The data will be kept as long as there is mutual interest in maintaining the purpose of the treatment and, when it is no longer needed, will be removed with appropriate security measures to guarantee the pseudonymization of the data or its total destruction.

Data communication:

The data will not be communicated to third parties, except by legal obligation.

Rights that help the user:

Right to withdraw consent at any time.

Right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data and the limitation or opposition to its treatment.

Right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority if it considers that the treatment does not comply with current regulations.

Contacts information for exercising your rights:



Praça Marquês de Pombal, 102, 4000-390 Porto

Tlf.: +351 225 400 405


Company name and registered office:


Praça Marquês de Pombal, 102, 4000-390 Porto

Registered at the Commercial Registry Office under Nº 515 542 261


The terms and conditions of sale described below, govern the contractual relations between the seller and the user of the website and are the only applicable ones. Queijaria da Praça can modify these conditions at any time, managing those that were in force at the time of placing the order and were accepted by the purchasing user. Queijaria da Praça is not responsible for any misunderstandings that may arise due to the differences between them, and that may exist in an access prior to the moment when the order is placed, so it recommends that, before confirming it, these be read .

In any case, the changes are applicable as of their publication on the Internet and do not apply to contracts entered into before that time.

By reading and accepting the general terms and conditions by the user, you have read, understood and give your agreement without any reservations.

Order Processing

How to order

Orders will be made through the online store link available at, following the instructions detailed therein.

Orders can only be shipped to mainland Portugal.

The user, before sending the request, must read and accept the general conditions.


All prices published in the online store, except for omission or transcription or computer error, are valid and include the corresponding VAT, but not the transport costs and other expenses that may be generated and, in any case, will be fully known by the buyer before payment, so that the final price is reflected in the order calculation.

These prices can, at any time, be freely reviewed and modified by Queijaria da Praça. However, the price will be respected if the order was processed before updating the prices registered in the online store.

Queijaria da Praça offers a possible payment method: by bank transfer.

Payment by bank transfer

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, Queijaria da Praça will, after confirming the receipt of the order, give an indication of the NIB / IBAN to be credited and your order will only be processed when the payment is authorized by your bank. As a rule, it will be accepted to send proof of the good execution of the transfer made, as proof of its execution, and the Queijaria da Praça may not consider the document valid until its credit in the deposit account to the previously indicated order is proven.

Order processing:

Upon receipt of the order and confirmation by Queijaria da Praça, an email will be received within a maximum period of 24 hours, indicating the amount, NIB / IBAN and payment term, also confirming the availability of the product and the term predictable delivery.

Due to the temporality in the production of some cheeses, as they are artisan, it may happen that, at certain times, they are not available. This circumstance would be conveniently reported on the online store.

If, on the date of order confirmation, any of the items ordered is not available from stock, Queijaria da Praça will send an email, or find a contact form in the shortest possible time (from the date the order is placed) to inform you of the expected date for its replacement, or if it is impossible to replace it and send it. In case it is impossible, due to circumstances of production or distribution, to send the requested item, or if there is no interest on the part of the user to wait for the replacement and subsequent shipping date, he will have the possibility to change the requested products or the refund of the amounts paid for the items mentioned, which will be made within a maximum period of 30 days.

If one or more of the items in your initial order is not available, you can choose to communicate your intention to partially receive the order and propose the rest of the shipment on the date it is available. In this case, the items sent in a posterior date, belonging to the initial order, will be sent and will be exempt from shipping costs, excluding from this exemption products added and not listed in the initial order.

The order will arrive approximately in the next 48 hours, after receiving the respective settlement of the calculated amount, in the order confirmation email by Queijaria da Praça. Shipments are only made during working days, so the 48 hours described, refer only to shipments between Monday to Friday, excluding local and national holidays.

In case of delay in delivery, you can contact Queijaria da Praça through any of the communication channels indicated on the page of the Online Store, or through the Queijaria da Praça page.

The order will be sent to the address indicated at the time of purchase, through a transport company, in cold packs.

It is convenient, at the time of delivery, that the customer check that everything is in accordance with his order and in perfect condition. If you do not agree with the items delivered or their conditions, manually sign and indicate on the carrier's delivery note the anomalies found on receipt.

Resolution due to lack of satisfaction and return policy.

The products sold by Queijaria da Praça are completely handmade, so their size, color or shape may differ slightly from those that appear in the photos published in the online store, without affecting their quality. Therefore, these photographs are illustrative for information purposes only, but not contractual.

The customer can claim only if:

The products received do not correspond to the requested or the quantity does not correspond to the order, with the exceptions indicated, in relation to the possibility of receiving partial orders in case any of the ordered products is not in stock (if the quantity or the product indicated in the order transport form or invoice does not correspond to the quantity or product actually contained in the consignment, the carrier must be notified, informing the Queijaria da Praça of this circumstance in the transport guide itself);

The packaging is seriously damaged, affecting the quality of the product (in this case, it must be communicated to the carrier, informing it on the transportation bill);

The products are in poor condition at the time of receipt. In that case, you must send information to Queijaria da Praça on the day of delivery. However, you should keep in mind that, when it comes to artisan cheeses, they can develop benign molds in the following days, even if they are kept in the appropriate cold conditions, without losing their qualities.

Bearing in mind the perishable nature of the products sold by Queijaria da Praça, it is very important that any complaints regarding the purchased product be processed as quickly as possible.

If at least one of the situations described above occurs, and in compliance with the deadlines and procedures defined for reporting anomalies, you will be entitled to a full refund of the goods, including taxes and shipping costs. For this to be possible, the order must be returned in its original packaging.

The refund of the amount will be made after the alleged defect is verified by Queijaria da Praça, within a maximum period of 30 days. If the products, once returned, are in good condition, the value of the order will not be returned to the customer and can be resent, provided that the customer requests it again assuming the shipping costs. If only part of the goods are defective, only the part of the price corresponding to that product will be returned, but not the shipping costs, which, in any case, are fixed.

If the shipment is rejected by the customer, or the customer does not collect it, without just cause, Queijaria da Praça will be exempt from responsibility for the deterioration that the product may suffer as a result of the lack of receipt, not being obliged to return any value.

Confidentiality and data protection

Users, by checking the corresponding boxes and entering data in the fields, marked with an asterisk (*) in the contact form, expressly, freely and unequivocally accept that their data is necessary to fulfill their request, the inclusion of data in the remaining fields as being voluntary. The user guarantees that the personal data provided to the RESPONSIBLE is true and is responsible for communicating any modification thereof. The RESPONSIBLE informs and expressly guarantees to the users that their personal data will not be transferred to third parts, and that whenever they make any kind of transfer of personal data, the users will be asked in advance for express, informed and unequivocal consent. All data requested through the website are mandatory, as they are necessary to provide a service to the user. In the event that all data is not provided, there is no guarantee that the information and services provided will be completely tailored to your needs.

Security measures:

That, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in force on the protection of personal data, the RESPONSIBLE PARTY is in compliance with all the provisions of the GDPR regulations for the treatment of personal data of his responsibility and clearly with the principles described in Article 5 of the GDPR , by which they are treated in a fair, transparent and transparent manner towards the interested party and adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are treated.

RESPONSIBLE guarantees that it has implemented appropriate technical and organizational policies to apply the security measures established by the GDPR, in order to protect the rights and freedoms of users, and communicated the appropriate information so that they can exercise them.

The data provided in this way can only be used to properly manage orders and to be able to perform an appropriate management control, the production of statistics or the advertising reference of Queijaria da Praça products.

The data owner may, at any time, exercise the rights of rectification, cancellation and opposition, under the established terms, on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), its development regulations or the regulations that in the future replace any of them , by means of a written communication making the corresponding request addressed to Queijaria da Praça, to which you must attach a copy of the applicant's identification and sent to the postal or email address indicated in the contacts section

Likewise, the customer can, at any time, ask Queijaria da Praça to know what personal information is included in its databases. In this case, you must also attach a copy of the applicant's identification and sent to the postal or email address indicated in the contacts section

The newsletter about the activity of Queijaria da Praça will be sent to all those who sign up expressly or who have made a purchase at the store, selecting this option at the time of registration or purchase.

Queijaria da Praça undertakes to maintain absolute secrecy and confidentiality regarding all information that, due to the requests made, would have been provided, and to use it only for that purpose and, in turn, the user agrees with the same with respect to to the data you receive from Queijaria da Praça.

Any document, original or photocopy, that one of the parts has provided to the other, for the purposes of this contract, must be kept with the utmost care to avoid its reproduction and, therefore, breach of confidentiality.

The application of the provisions of this provision does not apply when:

a) The information received was known to the Party that released it before it was released by the other Party.

b) The information received is in the public domain.

c) The information received comes from third parties that do not require confidentiality.

The receiving part will be responsible for ensuring that its employees comply with the limitations set out in the previous paragraphs.

Either part may require the other part to return the confidential information provided, which must be sent immediately, agreeing to destroy any tangible copy of it, and delete the data that, because the other party requested, and which are the GDPR and regulations of development declare protected, obtained in the exercise of their functions.

Either part will respond to the other for breach of the obligations assumed under this provision, which are directly attributable to them or to any of their employees or collaborators, for which they must answer legally, even after the relationship contractual ends.

The parts expressly accept that the personal data, to which they had access due to the object of provision of this contract, cannot apply it or use it for purposes other than those contained in this document, nor transfer it to other people, nor even for third parts. for conservation purposes, it is also obliged to return in full the files, automated or not, of the personal data to which it would have access, when required by the other part. Otherwise, and taking into account the specific nature of the orders, the information will be maintained by Queijaria da Praça in order to better process and manage future orders, offers, discounts for volume of purchases, etc.

The parts are obliged to maintain the strictest secrecy and confidentiality in relation to the personal data to which they have access under this contract, as well as to diligently fulfill the duty of custody and custody that they are imposed by the Law on Protection of Personal Data. These duties will be enforceable during the term of this agreement and even after termination for any reason, charged against the other part for breach of the obligations assumed under this provision that are directly attributable to him or to any person. employees or collaborators.

Likewise, the parts expressly undertake to adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures that guarantee the security of the personal data to which they have access and avoid its alteration, loss, treatment and unauthorized access, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether they come from human actions or from the physical or natural environment, and must always be in accordance with the provisions on this point in the GDPR, as well as in the complementary regulations to be developed or replaced in the future.

Rights and obligations of Queijaria da Praça

Queijaria da Praça will be solely and exclusively responsible for the services it provides.

Queijaria da Praça is committed to adopting the necessary means and measures to ensure the security and privacy of communications. It will not respond when the relevant security measures are adopted, they have been violated by external agents.

Queijaria da Praça does not guarantee the availability and permanent continuity of the Portal and the services it hosts due to interruptions, computer failures or other justified causes

Intellectual property

The entire content of the Portal (be it illustrations, texts, names, brands, images, videos) is the property of Queijaria da Praça or its collaborators. Any partial or total reproduction of the content, by any procedure and by any means, is subject to the prior and express authorization of Queijaria da Praça, which otherwise denies the copying, publication or distribution of all content to third parties who do not have rights. intellectual property.

Queijaria da Praça cannot be held responsible for the violation of one or more users of the rights of third parties through its activities on the Portal.

All content and / or parts of the website were included according to the principles of good faith, with the sole purpose of providing information to the user about the products of Queijaria da Praça. Part of the content may have been prepared with information, in whole or in part, from sources external to the entity itself, for which Queijaria da Praça is not responsible for its imprecision or lack of updating.

Obligations of the portal user

The user agrees not to introduce false data, cause damages or damages that may harm or alter the Portal itself, and not to introduce computer viruses, Trojans or similar, which may cause unauthorized changes to the content or systems that make up the Portal. It will be understood that the user accepts the conditions set out in the order submission.

Legislation and jurisdiction

These general conditions are subject to and governed by Portuguese law.

For the resolution of any dispute and with express waiver of the jurisdiction that corresponds to the parties, the courts of the city of Porto will be competent.